5 Metres – Natural Hog Casings 32-34mm

Salted hog casing ideal for making superb butcher’s bangers. Three metre length packed in salt and ready to use after a short soak in cold water.

This is a natural product and therefore your casings may come in two parts. Whenever possible, we like you to receive your hog casings in one length but this is not always possible.


These Natural Hog Casings are perfect for making delicious home made Sausages. The good old butcher’s banger has never had it so good!

Salted natural hog casings ideal for making superb butcher’s bangers. Our five metre length of superior natural hog casings are packed in salt and ready to use after a short  and rinse through in cold water.

Rinsing the hog casings will soften them ready for use and will also remove the excess salt which is used to preserve them. The casings are really easy to use and stronger than you’d think. As these are natural hog casings there is a slight variation in the diameter. This is quite normal and you can see this when you stuff the sausage in the casing.

Our casings can often come in one complete length of 5 metres but usually they come in two lengths. Wherever possible we try to package our casings in one or two pieces to make up the full 5 metres.

You can learn how to use these skins on one of our sausage making classes

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