Welcome to our How to Page. On this page you’ll find many of the methods for using our bacon cures and other speciality curing salts. If you’d like to learn some more techniques, we have a video page which has links to lots of other techniques and tips to make your smoking and curing a lot easier and hopefully more successful.

Bacon Cures

Pastrami If you are looking to make the most delicious New York Deli style Pastrami. Your full set of instructions are right here. Just follow the link and you can be on your way to creating great Pastrami

Bacon We have a selection of interesting bacon cures for making the most delicious home made bacon. Our bacon cures have been formulated to make the process of home curing really easy to use.

Salt beef We have a delicious salt beef cure which is formulated as a dry cure. For many, this is a departure from the traditional salt beef cure as we don’t recommend using a brine solution. Our cure is based on a dry rub and produces consistently good salt beef without the bulk and storage issues of a brine tub. We hope you find this method effective for you.

Dry Rubs 

Pulled Pork Seasoning in one form or another Pulled Pork has taken on a revered status in recent years with all sorts of recipes to create this BBQ favourite. Our method of applying these rubs means you too can have delicious Pulled Pork in only a few hours.


If you can’t see what you’re looking for on our How to Page then please get in touch. We’ll probably be able to help you over the phone. If you’d like to learn more and think you could benefit from taking a course in food smoking or meat curing then you can book online.