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Hi and welcome to Smokedust. You can purchase all your food smoking and meat curing items in one place on our website. We supply a wonderful range of smoking woods, speciality curing salts and equipment for making smoked food and charcuterie. At smokedust we mail order all our items from our online store. Our business model means we hold stock, This means we can get your order out quickly and efficiently.

Postage info

We post on Monday and Thursday using Royal Mail. We will use a signed for service if your order totals above £10 and to ensure we only charge by weight so if you order something heavy, your order will be calculated using a table rate system based on royal mail’s postage rates. Christmas postage. Last post will be on 17th Dec 2020 at 12.00 noon.

Charcuterie supplies

We supply curing salts for a wide range of applications. We stock dry ageing bags too. These unique bags are a revolution in the charcuterie world allowing one to dry age meats in their own fridge without the need for an expensive dry ageing cabinet. We supply these bags in two sizes, 200mm x 400mm and 250mm x 350mm 

Our Product Categories

hardware and equipment

Learn how to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture, with our comprehensive class that goes through the most popular Yoga and Pilates postures. These postures are gears to make your body more flexibile and agile.

smoking wood dust/chips

we stock a wide range of smoking wood dust suitable for use in a maze type smoke generator. We also stock several varieties of wood chip suitable for hot smoking. Our dusts come packaged in resealable bags to guarantee your dust stays dry. 

Specialist Curing Salts

We supply a wide range of specialist curing salts for making charcuterie, bacon, pastrami and salt beef. Choose from our interesting and effective range.

Salami Starter Cultures

We supply a limited range of freeze dried starter cultures for making authentic style salami and fermented sausage. Many of these starter cultures help to deliver good colour in the finished product as well as that all important bio protection

Courses Workshops gifts

If you are looking for the ideal gift for a loved one who is into their food we can provide you with a selection of gifts and workshop options that can meet your needs. we also have  downloadable option too. 

Curing kits

Our curing kits make the ideal gift for that difficult to buy person in your life. Our curing kits come in three different varieties, Bacon, Salt Beef and Pastrami. All three curing kits come with full instructions,All you require to complete your curing project is the meat.

Customer reviews

We take what our customers say very seriously and endeavour to provide them with the best products and services . We only sell what we use or produce on our website so you can be assured that if you are looking for quality advice and information you will find it here


Peter Roberts

This was delicious, did as per instructions and served warm with horseradish mash, purple sprouting broccoli and cauliflower. Looking forward to my Rueben sandwich.

Gary Baker

I love this cure mix and the Sage and Thyme, both impart excellent flavour, I have used it on pork loin and cut as bacon. Or alternatively cured pork loin steaks from the butcher to make bacon steaks. Both these I have then cold smoked or left unsmoked either way they taste delicious

David Allinson

I have used this salt beef cure on a couple of occasions (last time for this Christmas) and found it excellent. I have tried the boiling method as recommended by Smokedust, but prefer to hot Smoke on BBQ low & slow at 80⁰C – 110⁰C for about 3 – 4 hours to reach an internal temp of 72⁰C then wrap in baking parchment & foil and allow to rest for an hour, then open foil & allow to cool naturally.