Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork in one form or another has taken on a revered status in recent years with all sorts of recipes to create this BBQ favourite.

No BBQ ???  – My method for making pulled pork doesn’t rely on using a barbeque as over time I have found that cooking food for a long time on a barbeque not only costs a lot in charcoal but it can at times be tricky to control the temperature as the coal burns.

Low and Slow – Low and slow in this instance can be achieved using nothing more complicated than a domestic oven. Pulled pork is really easy to make and is delicious too. Add a rub to your pork and allow the meat to marinade for a day and then just pop it in the oven at 125°C and forget it for a about 5 hours.

Cooking at a low temperature for a long time makes the meat so soft it just falls apart with a fork. Low and slow is a technique employed by BBQ smokers to make meat “pull apart” tender and is something you can do in the comfort of your own kitchen without any special equipment.

Pulled pork, Pulled chicken and pulled beef brisket are essentially the same technique applied to different meats. Slow cooked in a roasting tray to collect all those lovely juices the meat is forked apart and incorporated back into the juices to make it unctuous and full of flavour. As Smokedust we supply a range of pulled pork seasoning rubs that are easy to use.

Chinese style pulled pork seasoning – is a delicious blend of Sweet and aromatic spices in one packet to create a wonderfully tasty easy to use pulled pork seasoning.

Just add this seasoning to any pork joint and you’ll produce the most deliciously succulent slow cooked aromatic pulled pork. Our unique blend of seasonings and spices produce a captivating aromatic flavour making this seasoning a firm favourite.

Directions for using your seasoning – Our method for using this seasoning is based on 1Kg of pork. You’ll need to scale the measurements to match the quantity of meat you use. Leave the skin on the pork for this recipe.

To ensure the seasoning gets to all parts of the meat, slash the skin with a knife. Use 3 tablespoons of the seasoning for every Kg of pork. Place your pork joint in a non-reactive dish large enough to hold the whole joint.

Spoon the seasoning over the joint and rub it into all parts of the meat. Cover the dish with cling film and place in the fridge to marinate for 24 hours. Turn the meat after 12 hours.

Remove the dish from the fridge and replace the cling film with foil. Place the dish into a pre-heated oven 125C for 4.5 hours to slow cook. This cooking time will make the meat really soft and easy to pull apart.

After cooking, remove the dish from the oven and allow it to cool for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and while leaving the pork in the dish with its juices, use a knife to carefully peel away the skin and discard. (You can roast the skin to make crackling if you wish).

Using two forks gently pull the pork joint apart allowing the meat to mix with all the juices in the bottom of the dish. Your pulled pork is now ready to use.

Serving – Served in a bun or soft bread roll with coleslaw and lettuce is a delicious way of enjoying this succulent sweet tangy BBQ style pulled pork.

Freezing – You can portion and freeze your pulled pork in a sealable bag to enjoy whenever you fancy.

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