Potassium Nitrate 75g

Potassium Nitrate is used in the production of curing salts for making air dried Sausage, Bacon, Chorizzo and other cured meats. This chemical is used for producing curing mixtures with salt and other ingredients.

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This is a Fully Traceable, Food Grade product, securely packaged in a sealed tamper proof pouch
Potassium Nitrate (Food Grade) (KNO3) E252
Please note that Potassium Nitrate (Food Grade) E252 is a toxic chemical. Used correctly this cure is very safe but great care must be taken to measure accurately before use.

It is essential that you follow the Curing recipes for this product exactly.

This Cure is not a replacement for salt, extra salt must be added to this mixture as directed by your recipe.

Use this ingredient with care.

Use digital scales capable of weighing in gms.

If you need further explanation of the use of this cure please email info@smokedust.co.uk

Saptpetre (Potassium Nitrate – Food Grade) is a concentrated product and should be used in accordance with an approved and trusted recipe.

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