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Techniques hints and tips

Welcome to our How to Page. On this page you’ll find many of the methods for using our bacon cures and other speciality curing salts. If you’d like to learn some more techniques, we have a video page which has

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This is a selection of our how to videos We will be updating this over the coming weeks

Pastrami Cure


New York Deli style Pastrami 2 Pack Cure Mix and Seasoning Pastrami is a cured, smoked beef brisket or flat as it is known. It enjoys huge popularity in the states and growing popularity over here in Europe. Pastrami is

Salt Beef

Salt Beef

Salt BeefMake your own delicious Salt Beef The 200g pack is sufficient for curing more than 6Kg of Beef Brisket Used correctly this cure is very safe but great care must be taken to measure accurately before use. Instructions These

Prague Powder 1 200g

Specification Sheet

Specification sheet for prague powder. Prague Powder is made from food grade ingredients which are sourced to ensure you benefit from a product that is safe to use and certified for use on food. This is a legal requirement and